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Also known as stick-on weights, self-adhesive balancing weights are highly popular consumable items sold by many automotive manufacturers and tyre retailers around the country.

Self-adhesive balancing weights can be bonded anywhere around the wheel, and their mission is to successfully balance alloy wheels.  

With our wide range of products available, you’ll be sure to find something that suits your needs. 

Self-adhesive balance wheels are easy to apply and remove without causing any expensive, avoidable damage to your wheel. Preparation is key to ensuring a longer-term solution to unbalanced wheels. 

How To Apply Self-Adhesive Wheel Balance Weights 


  1. Prepare the Wheel for the Adhesive 

In order to determine where the wheel is imbalances in both planes, rotate the tyre to see where the balance weights need to be stuck down. 

For optimum performance of the adhesive backing, the ambient temperature should be around 15 degrees centigrade, as is the same with the weight and tyre rim. 

Clean the rims to remove any grease and silicone residues from the rims. This should be done thoroughly in order to ensure the weights have a clean and dry area to adhere to. 


  1. Measure and Remove the Protective Backing 

Based on the balancer readings, identify the position in which the weight needs to be stuck to- This would usually be at the top centre (12 o’clock) unless stated otherwise. You should do this before removing the backing. 

When certain of the positioning, carefully peel off the protective backing carefully- making sure not to touch the sticky adhesive. 


  1. Assemble the Weight 

It’s now time to assemble the weight in the correct position. Press the weight to the rim of the alloy wheel from the middle towards the outer edges. 

Here, it’s extremely important to ensure that the correct pressure is applied to the weight-in cold conditions (under 15 degrees Celcius) pressure should be applied for at least 20 seconds longer. 


The full force of the adhesive is achieved 72 hours after the application, with 80-90% being achieved after 24 hours.


With a full range of accessories available for your self-adhesive wheel balance weights, we are committed to offering you the best service to fulfil your needs.

Available in a matte, polished or black finish and in different sizes to suit your needs- we are sure to have the right self-adhesive wheel balancing weights for you. 

We operate a price guarantee- you won’t find cheaper in the UK. If you do- we’ll price match on like-for-like products. We offer free delivery for orders over £50.


We want to ensure that you are well informed and happy with the information before purchasing the products we offer. 

For more information, call us on 0800-121 4340, or send us an email at info@tyrestuff.co.uk where our UK based staff are keen to offer you the exceptional customer service you expect from a quality brand. 

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