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Snap in Tubeless Tyre Valves

Tubeless Tyre valves are one of the most essential consumable items used in the tyre shop. All valves supplied by UK Tyre Equipment are TUV certified and come as a standard 11.6mm diameter in various lengths.

TR412 – These valves are most commonly used on motorcycles or smaller wheels. With a length of 32mm and a base diameter of 11.6mm they are ideal for use on thinner wheels to ensure the valve stem doesn’t protrude from the rim and leave the valve stem and valve core open to damage.

TR413- The 413 tyre valve is a popular valve for thinner passenger wheels. Being slightly smaller than the TR414, it lends itself to thinner wheels, again to protect the valve stem and valve core from damage. Again, this valve should only be used below 65psi before being replaced with a High Pressure valve.

TR414 – The most common valve used in passenger tyres in the UK. The TR414 is the go to valve for the majority of tyres. Sometimes referred to as “short valves” the TR414 is 43mm long and is used in about 75%-80% of fitments.

TR418 – The TR418 tyre valve is the longest of the standard valves. Used where the tyre rim is wider than normal to still allow access to the top of the valve for inflation. Fitting a TR418 on a normal wheel may result in the stem being exposed to possible damage so always check the wheel width when fitting.

Tubeless Snap-In Valves for High-Pressure

Tubeless snap-in valves for high-pressure applications are designed for medium and heavy-duty trucks and trailers and must be used when recommended cold tire inflation pressures exceed 65 psi. High-pressure snap-in valves for 11.6mm rim holes will withstand a maximum cold inflation pressure of 80 psi. Typically used in steel wheels, high-pressure snap-in valves combine a thicker rubber snap-in base with a metal barrel and a plastic cap.

High Pressure Metal Clamp in Valves

High pressure metal tyre valves are highly recommended for all track applications and on vehicles liable to exceed 130mph. These metal valves are able to withstand pressures of up to 200psi the valve is held in place by a nut and a grommet. There are varying styles of valve including the hidden valves which will leave no valve stem showing out of the wheel.

Tyre Valve Extensions

Vehicles that use wheel covers may also use nylon or metal extensions that make it possible to reach the valve to check tyre pressures and carry out re-inflations. It is possible for the end of an extension to be open to the elements of the road and create a slight air leak so it is vital to always use the correct length of extension and ensure that it is protected as much as possible if left on the vehicle.

Metal extensions can be very useful when trying to get to difficult to reach valves.

Valve Cores

It doesn’t really matter what valve you use, the valve core is the most critical part of the valve. This is the valve that will allow air both into the tyre during inflation and also out of the tyre. Every valve core has a seal inside which is attached to a spring loaded pin. This pin is depressed to allow the air in.

Valve cores themselves can accept pressures up to 300psi but as a critical element they must be protected from dirt, oil and grease which could lead to the seal becoming blocked and leaking air from the tyre.

Valve cores come in brass and nickel plated versions. If the core is being used in an aluminium valve stem it must be of the nickel plated variety because a brass core will react with the aluminium stem and corrode, eventually seizing within the stem.

Valve Caps

Valve caps should always be fitted as a prevention from valve core seal contamination and possible high speed pressure loss. Normal plastic valve caps are available in a variety of colours and are suitable for everyday motoring.

When taking tyres to the extreme in situations such as track driving a metal cap should be fitted. Metal or chrome caps normally come with an extra seal on the inside of the cap and can be tightened easily.

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