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S43E Car Tyre Changer Automatic 1Phase

S43E Car Tyre Changer Automatic 1Phase

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SICE S43 Fully Automatic Tyre Machine with Assist arm

Product Description

Tyre Changers

The SICE S43 fully automatic tyre machine can handle external clamping of up to 24” rims. Not only is this tyre changing machine fully automatic with simultaneous horizontal and vertical positioning of the mounting head but also has a built in fast inflation system.

Features and Benefits

  • Fully Automatic tilt back design
  • Built in fast inflation and push button gauge on GP version
  • 2 Speed motor (reverse single speed)
  • Double action bead breaker
  • Available with PT 250 3 way assist arm
  • Optional PAX and SR kits for PAX wheel systems
  • External clamping of 24”, internal clamping up to 25”
  • Supplied with jaw and bead breaker protection

Additional Information

The SICE S43 Fully Automatic tyre changer is the perfect tyre changer for a busy tyre shop. Created in Italy by SICE the S43 has a 24” external clamping capacity as standard.

Turntable Sizes

When comparing tyre changers then the table size is obviously important as this will dictate the size of the wheel and tyre combinations that you will be able to work on. However, it’s good to know what you are looking for. There are 2 ways of clamping a rim on a machine with a turntable, internal or external. When clamping internally, the clamping jaws of the tyre fitting machine start closed and then open out into the rim. When clamping externally, the clamping jaws will start open and close in around the rim of the wheel.
Best practice dictates that most wheels, certainly modern aluminium wheels, should be clamped externally to protect the wheel. Clamping wheels internally can leave serious marks on the rim so should be avoided.

On some of the cheaper tyre machines for sale in the UK, you will note they refer to the internal clamping range. This is to make the machines look bigger and better. ALWAYS check the external clamping figure when comparing tyre machines.

Assist Arm Device

The S43 Fully Automatic Tyre Changing Machine can be completed with the PT 250 Assist Arm device. This will give the operator everything they need to cope with the hardest run flat and low profile tyres.

The PT 250 SICE patented Assist Arm fits the S43 Tyre machine perfectly giving you the additional help for run flat tyres. The fixed roller provides additional pressure to the outside of the sidewall while the rotating clamp will maintain pressure through the rotation of the turntable. The third feature of this patented PT 250 Assist arm device is a lower bead lifting disc. This disc will help you loosen the lower bead if it accidently slips back on to the rim while you are working on the top bead.

GP Version

The SICE S43 24” Tyre changer is also available in a GP version. The GP version has an in built inflation tank mounted on the back of the machine. This vessel is manufactured to CE standards and fitted with a conforming pressure relief valve for safety.
The GP version gives an inflation box on the side of the machine with a clear readout of pressure and a button operated inflation system.
Should you ever be faced with a difficult to seat tyre, simply operate the GP fast inflation system with the push of a pedal and the air from the vessel is forced into the tyre cavity through small holes in the clamping jaws. In a similar way to how a bead blaster works, the sudden rush of air forces the bead of the tyre out and seat on the rim.

Optional Accessories for the SICE S43 Tyre Changer

Being a high quality Italian manufactured tyre machine SICE offer a wide range of optional accessories for the tyre fitting machine.

For instance, why not invest in a pneumatic wheel lifter for your tyre fitting machine. The SR 80 is a pneumatic wheel lifter capable of lifting any tyre and rim combination up to 80Kg, saving time and effort on the larger tyre.

There is also kits available for PAX and SR wheel systems as well as different mounting heads to cover a variety of situations including a head for convex spoked rims


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