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FORTIS tyre equipment from UK Tyre Equipment

UK Tyre Equipment are pleased to announce that the FORTIS brand of Tyre Machinery is now available UK wide. As exclusive suppliers in the UK and Europe of the FORTIS brand it’s time to take a look at exactly what these machines have to offer.

As promised, the machinery is not over-engineered or overpriced. UK Tyre Equipment are keen to point out this doesn’t mean they are short on features. Built to Italian design specifications, the quality is not compromised in any area and all the standard features are there, as well as a few features that make machines in this price range very attractive indeed.

All FORTIS products are manufactured by the Nexion group which also manufacture brands such as Corghi, SICE and other well know brands.

Taking the Tyre Changing equipment first, all models demonstrate considerable build quality throughout with ergonomic placement of pedals, assist arms controls and bead breaker. Another feature across the range of Automatic tyre changers is the mount arm assist roller (MAAR). This small bearing roller sits on the main vertical column and supports the horizontal mounting arm. This provides a smooth easy movement of the horizontal mounting arm of the tyre changer when positioning the mounting head. In fact the whole arm can be moved backwards and forwards with one finger!

The 24” and 26” Fully automatic tyre changers also come with fast inflation as standard. An air tank on the back feeds the clamping jaws with a high pressure blast of air when depressing the inflation pedal fully, helping to seat a difficult tyre. Similarly, both these tyre machines come with a double stage bead breaker allowing you to adjust the bead breaker blade for unusually narrow or wide wheels.

All tyre machines also come with clamping jaw covers, bead breaker cover, tyre lever and mounting head inserts as standard.

Turning to the Wheel balancer range, again, the quality of the build is exceptional. All Wheel balancers include a set of 4 cones small, medium, large and extra-large. The proprietary software in the machines keeps the balancing simple with STA/DYN modes, several ALU functions as well as motorcycle, split weight and self-calibration. Offering various options of data input from manual to automatic as well as hand spin to motorised, the focus is on ease of use and solid build for these machines.


UK Tyre Equipment Ltd also offer exceptional finance deals on our equipment. Own your tyre fitting equipment without having to outlay capital and let the equipment earn you the money to pay your low monthly lease instead. We work with the best Finance houses in the UK and regularly have special deals for our customers. Find out more about lease options here.

UK Tyre Equipment is expecting more significant growth in the coming year and the range of FORTIS equipment will no doubt expand as well, but why not take a look at some of this remarkable machinery now at UK Tyre Equipment.



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