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A926E 4 Wheel CCD Aligner

A926E 4 Wheel CCD Aligner

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Alignment Equipment

The SICE A926 wheel alignment system is a professional 8 CCD aligner for passenger cars and vans. Offering wireless data transmission with 2.4GHz industrial radio system technology the system is operated by commercial available AA rechargeable batteries. The unit also includes a charger on the unit for battery charging.

Features and Benefits

  • Wheeled and mobile, the aligner features an attractive design, a closable compartment for the colour printer and the PC, installed with multilingual Windows operating system.
  • Measuring sensor with 2 high resolution cameras, electronic inclinometer and level.
  • Wireless data transmission with 2.4 GHz industrial radio systems, type AA commercially available rechargeable batteries
  • Extremely compact and light sensor (just 3.2 Kg), the unit features an oversize arm for large wheels.
  • Extremely low light sensitivity for working even in very bright light conditions.
  • Measuring sensor body in cast aluminium for extreme precision.
  • Run-out compensation with manual spin or raised wheels, real time measurement and adjustment of caster and king pin inclination (KPI).
  • Compatible with Cal One-Touch ® (steering sensor calibration), Aligner OnLine.
  • Settings screens with animated cursors and coloured indicators for working at a distance
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