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FORTIS220 20" Semi Automatic Tyre Changer

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The Fortis 220 Tyre changer is a semi-automatic tyre machine. Designed for a small tyre shop or where a compact tyre machine is required, this machine suits both applications. Being the next level up from a manual tyre changer, the Semi-automatic description relates to the way the mounting head is set up on the tyre changer. The back column of the tyre changer is static and the mounting head is positioned using the swinging arm attached and is locked in to place manually by use of a lever and a distance bolt. This means that the tyre changer takes up far less space than an automatic tyres changer. With an external clamping range of 10” – 18” and internal range of 12”-21” the machine is able to cope with the majority of wheels on the market.

The FORTIS 220 is an ideal machine for general tyre servicing work. It has a solid build with an Italian designed pedal assembly to ensure many years of service. The bead breaker on the tyre changer has a special design of valve to ensure the most efficient use of the air. Producing up to 2500Kg of force, tyre removal of even the most difficult wheel and tyre combinations is possible.

Benefits of the FORTIS 200 Tyre Changer

  • Special compound mounting head with life time warranty
  • 2500Kg Bead Breaker with anti-corrosion finish
  • Ergonomic pedal assembly
  • 12 month parts warranty

Tyre Removal

The Fortis 220 is a workhorse of a machine. Covering rims up to 21” and having a super strength bead breaker it is the kind of machine that will handle most wheel and tyre combinations. Being semi-automatic in design, the machine is compact with the mounting head being locked into place by hand rather than having a tilt back design. This makes it ideal for tight spaces.

Run Flat Tyres

Can you change run flat tyres on this machine? Yes, you can is the simple answer. It won’t be as easy or straight forward as using a machine with an assist arm but it can be done by an experienced tyre fitter. If the majority of your work is run flat and low profile tyres you may want to consider another machine in the range with an assist arm.

Power and air supply

The Fortis 220 Tyre changer operates on a standard single phase / 240v electric supply with a 13amp plug. There is no need for any special electrical fittings. The electric powers the turntable. The tyre changer will require a compressed air supply of 8-10bar. The air operates the clamping jaws and bead breaker so 9.5/10bar air supply will provide the best operation.


All Fortis tyre machines are fully built and tested before dispatch, going through a rigorous PDI inspection. Your machine will arrive ready to be used, simply connect to air and electric and the machine is operational. Delivery times are 3-5 days but quicker delivery can be arranged in certain circumstances.

Mobile Fitting

The FORTIS 220 semi-automatic tyre machine is the perfect machine for mobile tyre fitting. The semi-automatic design means that space is maximised within the vehicle giving you more room to operate. The tyre changer will use around 4cfm of air so it also allows you to operate a relatively small compressor. Power can be provided by an inverter connected to some deep discharge leisure batteries.

If you are interested in mobile fitting please contact us and we will be happy to advise you of the options we offer.

Tyre Machine Specifications

External Clamping (inch)


Internal  Clamping (inch)


Rim Width (inch)


Wheel Diameter (mm)


Working pressure (Bar)

8-10 bar

Bead Breaker force (Kg)


Power supply (V)

1pH 220/240v


6.5 / 13

Noise (dB)


Dimensions (mm)

1400 x 1200 x 1900mm

Weight (kg)

179 kg



Our garage equipment is dispatched based on the agreement reached during time of sale. The machinery will always be sent on economy delivery service unless otherwise agreed on a time scale of 7-10 days.

Delivery to a mainland UK address is 7-10 days for the majority of items. Urgent supply of equipment may be arranged at additional cost and agreed when purchasing. If you are located outside mainland UK please contact us for a delivery quote. Some very large items such as lifting equipment and commercial vehicle tyre changers will incur an extra delivery charge. You will be contacted by our customer service team via telephone prior to your delivery.

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